Visual Studio .NET is a powerful tool businesses use to manage their important data. You'll want to be sure that the programmers you choose know how to leverage it to your advantage

You've got a great idea on how to streamline operations at your company and improve productivity. But you can't find a commercial, off-the-shelf application that even comes close to meeting your needs.

Or, you have a fabulous custom software application that's served you well for years. Now you need to make some updates, but your programmer has gone missing.

Maybe you're still running an old Windows application, but realize the hardware it's running on won't last forever. And you're not sure how to migrate it to a more current version of Windows.

Perhaps your company has outgrown an old Access or Foxpro application, and now you need to upsize it to SQL Server or MySQL.

Or maybe you dabble in .NET programming from time to time, but need a little help and guidance every now and then.

Where can you turn for help? Surfing the web to find competent .NET programmers can be a tough challenge. How do you know whether the computer programmers you choose will meet your expectations?

We're here to help. Please check out the screenshots to the right, for a few examples of custom software solutions that manufacturers and service providers across the US are using right now. We'd love to help you with your custom software needs as well.

Looking for someone closer to home?

When it comes to installing and supporting computer hardware, it makes sense to hire local talent. For PC's, servers and printers, you need a reputable company who can dispatch support technicians quickly to meet your hardware needs

But when it comes to computer software, you have more options. With today's high speed broadband, you'll be pleased to discover that you'll get the same great service and programming support whether we're two miles or 2,000 miles from your office.

We've helped customers from California to New York, from Florida to Washington State. Most of them have never met us in person—but are extremely pleased with our service, work ethic and attention to detail.

However, if you'd still prefer a personal visit, we can accommodate your request for onsite visits as well.

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How can you be sure you're working with a reputable company?

Considering how easy it is to build a web site and hang out an electronic shingle, how can you be confident that the software development company you choose will meet your needs today--and tomorrow--at a fair price? That's a valid concern, especially if you're hundreds, even thousands of miles away.
First, be sure to ask for references from any programming shop you're thinking about working with. And then, call those references!
Second, find out how long the .NET developer has been in business. Most companies fail before they reach their fifth birthday. It's true that past performance doesn't guarantee future results. But all things being equal, wouldn't you rather work with FoxPro programmers who have been around the block a few times, rather than someone who may be hearing about your issue for the first time?
Our software developers have been creating custom software applications since 1994 and have continued to upgrade our skill sets (especially in the areas of C# and ASP.NET) as development software evolves. This approach enables us to write custom software that's tailored to meet your specific needs. For example:

Our developers build electronic bridges so clients can move business data securely and accurately between different systems, at minimal cost. If you manually transfer data--either internally or with outside vendors, you'll save a ton of time by automating the process! For example, we've written an interface for a bank, allowing them to automatically request flood certifications. Previously, faxed request forms, waited for fax responses and then manually entered data into their system. Our interface improved their productivity immediately.

If you're tired of rekeying data into your order entry system, and then again into Quickbooks or Peachtree, why not build an interface to improve accuracy and save time? For example,we wrote a Quickbooks interface for a franchise which allows them to create new customer records and invoices in their accounting system, and then automatically post the updates into Quickbooks with the touch of a button.

We develop user-friendly data entry systems that make intelligent use of radio buttons, dropdown lists, auto-prefilling textboxes, and date lookup features. While many users prefer navigating by using their mouse, faster typists prefer keeping their fingers on the keyboard. No matter which type of user you are, we can build screens that best meet your people's needs. For example, we wrote a system that allows data entry clerks to enter incoming orders very rapidly--automatically printing out work tickets without requiring users to take their hands off the keyboard or issue extra commands.

We take advantage of today's technologies to reduce errors and speed data collection. If you'd like to automate your inventory tracking processes, by all means contact us! We've developed barcode applications which are totally event driven. Unlike keyboard wedge systems, which do little more than fool your computer into thinking that the input is coming from the keyboard, our applications respond to scans from different sources.
For example, a user could scan his ID badge, then scan several inventory items, and finally scan a customer barcode. We program our systems to identify these events in order to track who used which part(s) for which customer. Imagine how this could simplify your inventory management and billing systems!

For expert .NET help, .NET programming support, or a free initial consultation, contact us today!

Not all .NET programmers are the same.

If you want expert developers working on your project, give us a call!
What sets us apart from our competition is our attention to detail and ability to create Visual FoxPro database solutions and programming support to meet your toughest business challenges. Our goal is to build trusted relationships with our clients, providing business solutions for simple to complex needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. I'm convinced that we can offer you an affordable solution, geared to your specific needs, to help your business outpace your competition. When you contact us, you won't be disappointed!